Is Your BTO Bedroom Too Cramped for Two Single Beds? Check Out These Smart Layouts

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Is Your BTO Bedroom Too Cramped for Two Single Beds? Check Out These Smart Layouts

10 Nov 2023
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Have you thought about the best layout for a BTO bedroom with two single beds? When space is limited, strategic furniture placement can make a huge difference in terms of space and overall appearance.

One potential BTO bedroom layout starts with the two single beds placed on opposite walls, leaving a gap in the middle for better mobility. This not only creates a sense of individual space for each person but also makes the room look more spacious.

Also, always keep the room's occupants in mind when designing the BTO bedroom layout. If it's for kids, make sure there's adequate room for them to play and learn. If it is for adults or guests, the room should be more sophisticated and inviting. With thoughtful planning and creative solutions, even a small BTO bedroom can be transformed into a cozy and productive living area.

A Peek into BTO Bedroom Layouts:

Newly built-to-order (BTO) apartments by HDB Singapore feature modern bedrooms that could present a certain difficulty when attempting to accommodate two single beds. Here is a detailed guide showcasing possible bedroom layouts, each one accurately scaled, taking into account the most recent dimensions provided for BTO bedrooms.

BTO HDB Layout

Understanding Your Bedroom Layouts:

At first glance, bedroom Layout 3 seems to offer the most spacious and symmetrical design for a BTO bedroom. However, Layout 1 is the most frequently used arrangement in HDB flats.

Choosing the right layout for your BTO bedroom can dramatically influence both its aesthetics and functionality. Presented are three distinct layouts tailored for two single beds and a wardrobe. Let's take a look at why Layout 3 emerges as the superior choice and how our premium bed can complement this layout seamlessly.

Layout 1

Beds are aligned linearly, one after the other, spanning the room's length. The wardrobe finds its place adjacent to the lower bed, creating a rather segmented space. This bedroom layout, which is a popular choice among house owners, may restrict movement and have the potential for further room enhancements.

Layout 2

Here, beds are adjacent, covering the room's width. The wardrobe, again, is next to one of the beds. This arrangement might limit the central open area and lead to a feeling of tightness, especially when both beds are in use.

Layout 3

Layout 3 positions the two single beds side-by-side along the room's length, with the wardrobe on the opposite wall. This maximizes open floor space in the center, ensures smooth visual flow, and allows easy movement between beds and wardrobes.

Why Choose Layout 3?

Layout 3 offers:

  • Maximized Floor Space: An open central area for varied uses

  • Continuity in Design: Beds and wardrobes on opposite sides make the room appear spacious and organized.

  • Ease of Movement: No cramped spaces or obstructions to hinder accessibility.

Although Layouts 1 and 2 possess certain advantages, their drawbacks, such as divided space, possible overcrowding, and restricted adaptability, make Layout 3 the superior choice for those seeking a blend of aesthetics and functionality.

Maximize Your Layout 3 with Our Premium Beds


All Beloved is at the forefront of curating bed solutions that effortlessly enhance the design and utility of Layout 3. Here's why our beds are the perfect choice:

Materials you can trust

Our beds are meticulously crafted from excellent, long-lasting natural materials specifically selected for sleep furniture. The strength of solid pine wood enhances both the frame and the slatted base. As a result of their outstanding interlocking structure, our wide, strong bed frames are built to last. Rounded corners create a smooth finish with no harsh edges, assuring optimal comfort.

Absolute Safety for Kids

For absolute safety, our loft and high kid beds adhere to strict international standards.

  • Adherence to safety standards for surface coating (EN 71-3:2019 + A1:2021)

  • Compliance with safety standards for high beds (EN 747-1 & 2:2012 + A1:2015)

Plus, our loft ladders are crafted with precision, featuring flat and broad steps, providing both a secure and easily accessible route for kids.

Let's examine Layout 3 more closely to understand why it maximises usable space:

The two single beds are situated along the extended wall of the rectangular bedroom, fully utilising the wall's length. They are tucked into the rear corners, freeing up significant floor space in the room's center. Similarly, the wardrobe is positioned along this longer wall to optimise space.

By nestling both beds and wardrobes into the corners, a substantial amount of open space is generated in the room's central area. This arrangement of furniture along the walls enhances the room's spaciousness.

Introducing Our Premium Beds Tailored for Layout 3

Our company prides itself on offering premium loft beds in Singapore that fit seamlessly into Layout 3:

Single Bed Frame


An elegant yet sturdy single bed frame that effortlessly fits into any aesthetic, making it a versatile piece that can enhance both minimalist and extravagant decors. This bed frame is the perfect addition to any bedroom, offering both style and functionality.

Single Mid Loft Bed

ABB 2 Mid Loft

Loft beds are a great way to utilise the vertical space in your room. They are designed to provide a bedroom solution for small spaces or for those who want to maximise their room's floor area.

The space beneath the bed can be used for multiple purposes, such as setting up a work station or even a play area for children. So if you're living in a compact space, loft beds are the perfect blend of functionality and style that you are looking for.

Single Loft Bed With Desk

ABB 3 High Loft Desk 1

The single loft bed with desk is perfect for students or work-from-home professionals. This bed provides a comfortable sleeping space above and a dedicated work area below. The workspace underneath is commodious, with enough room for a desk, chair, and computer setup.

This bed-workspace combo is a practical solution for those who need to balance rest and productivity in a limited space.

Modular High Loft Bunk Bed

ABB 4 High Loft Bunk - reduced

The High Loft Bunk Bed is perfect for siblings or regular sleepovers. Designed with your child's safety as a priority, it features high guardrails and a sturdy ladder for safe access to the top bunk.

To conclude, Layout 3 delivers the most well-rounded approach to bedroom design when paired with our premium loft beds. Compared to the other layouts, it ensures maximum utilisation of floor space in the center of the room.

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