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About Us

Our Story

Expanding Dream Spaces

Looking for the perfect kids bed to transform your little one's room into a space of joy? We believe children grow up well with sufficient personal space where they can call their own. 

Space to sleep, to dream, to rest, to play, to read, to think ... and as a safe refuge to escape from the pressures of growing up.  

BelovedSleep™ modular bed frame series is our creation to expand dream spaces and fulfill this need. To enable you to maximise your bedroom space and help you create conducive spaces for your Beloveds. 

All Beloved is set up to make possible the delivery of this smart solution to you. Our bed collection combines functionality, comfort, safety and style, ensuring your child gets the best sleep ever.

How we started

We were simply finding ways to provide more space for our kids in their growing up.

Like most Singaporean families, we are living in a typical modern high-rise apartment which is wonderful. 

Living Space Constraints

We understand that space can be a challenge in Singaporean homes. Even with 3 bedrooms, 2 of our kids have to share a room.

After putting in the children beds and wardrobe in the bedroom, there is not much space left for a study desk or play area. Furthermore, we need to cater spaces for our helper and occasional stayover by helpful babysitting grandparents. 

That's why we offer a range of smart and space-saving solutions in our kids bed collection.


On a Mission

So we set off on this mission looking for smart and space-saving solutions to the space constraints of our home. After searching for some time, we ended up creating the solution. 

Enhance your child's bedroom with our stylish and safe kids beds. Say goodbye to cluttered rooms with our bed collection, including bunk beds and loft bed with desk. Now, your child's room can be organized and functional, even in the smallest of spaces.

All Beloved Co Pte Ltd

Founded by a couple who are parents to 3 kids.

By Parents, for Parents and Children.

By Singaporeans, for Singaporeans and families beyond our shores.

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