Loft Stairway

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BelovedSleep™ Modular Bedframe

Loft Stairway

  • $785.00

This unique product is another in-house design piece that completes our BelovedSleep modular bedframe series.   

Keeping to the sustainable product concept, it is specially designed to match both Mid and High Loft Bedframes. Thus, Loft Stairway will stay with you to support your steps as you progress from Mid Loft to High Loft.   

Another special design consideration - the Loft Stairway works with dual bedframes layout in the bedroom, as it can serve as a common stairway for 2 loft beds. Perfect solution for the latest BTO and condominium bedrooms - see real-life examples in the pictures! 

Good for both young ones and grown-ups. The height of the top platform accommodates an adult to stand on and has enough headroom in a typical apartment with a ceiling of 2.5m and above. 

Every piece will be custom-made as the product width is bespoke according to your actual bedroom requirement. Upon your order, we will be in touch with you to confirm the measurement.

Loft Stairway is made of high-quality solid plywood and finished with premium anti-slip laminate.  

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