Viroclean Pro Latex Topper Pocketed Spring Mattress 5"

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Dreampebble™ Single Mattress

Viroclean Pro Latex Topper Pocket Spring Mattress 5"

  • $948.00


- Single size: 190cm x 90cm

- Thickness: 5-inch (13cm)

- Durable back conforming support using individually wrapped pocketed spring system

- Full natural latex layer for durability & anti-dust mite performance

- Antimicrobial in the elimination of micro-organisms (bacteria) to provide a fresh and clean sleeping environment

- Oekotex-compliant and skin-friendly

- Border wires and edge support prolong your mattress's durability and minimize sagging on the edges

- 10 years limited warranty by Dreampebble


The COVID-19 pandemic situation has educated us on how to avoid infections and stay healthy. We, therefore, provide a possible answer to this new reality with an innovative finishing product that combines antibacterial properties with a reducing effect of viral activity. The active component (CASnr.27668-52-6) in our Viroclean fabric, from our partnered Belgium company, targets enveloped viruses such as SARS-COV-2(Coronavirus), influenza, H1N1, etc., and has proven effective in a quality control performed by a certified lab (MLS UK) on the Viroclean fabric. Test results on the Feline Coronavirus (same family of SARS-COV-2 coronavirus) showed an average decline in viral activity of 91.92% after 2 hours of contact time, while after 4 hours, an average decline of 97.84% in viral activity was recorded. Half-life (the point where only 50% of viruses were still active) is achieved faster, leading to less chance of the virus spreading and contamination.


Besides, our Viroclean fabric is treated with a permanent non-migrating antimicrobial technology to eliminate different types of microorganisms (bacteria) and to provide a fresh and clean sleeping environment. Test results performed by an IAC-certified lab showed a significant bacterial reduction of 98.43%. Like many quality fabrics, Viroclean fabric is Oekotex compliant and skin-friendly.


(Due to hygiene reasons, we will not accept any return of mattresses that had been removed from their original packaging, or when it is found to be used, stained, torn, washed, and/or with traces of fragrance or odours. Thank you for your understanding.)


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